Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

10 Best Things To Do In Las Vegas Right Now – The Gambling Capital Of The World

Famous for its casino-hotels, express weddings, With tons of things to in Las Vegas right now and only in Las Vegas, made legendary by Hollywood… Las Vegas is a unique city where the mere mention of its name plunges us into the parallel universe of gambling, rhinestones, and glitter!

“Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!” announces the imposing sign at the entrance to the city. Where the desert ends, the city of Las Vegas takes care to welcome visitors on a journey to the heart of excess and extravagance. The world capital of gambling, the most populous city in Nevada has built its reputation on its sumptuous complexes comprising hotels, restaurants, casinos, and performance halls. In short, the American dream, is accessible to all, for a weekend. Here are 10 ideas for visitors of things to do in Las Vegas right now during your stay!


Discover the history of “Sin City”

10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

The city’s nickname nowadays is Sin City (the city of vice), Las Vegas nevertheless founded by Mormon farmers in the middle of the 19th century. Its real expansion began in 1931 when the state of Nevada legalized gambling. Capital flowed in, investors also, and the first hotels and casinos quickly emerged. With the development of transport, thefts have multiplied and have largely contributed to the growth of the city.

Shopping at the height of excess

Walk in Las Vegas - 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

In addition to the dozens of shops distributed in each hotel. A huge shopping center located on Las Vegas Boulevard (also called “The Strip”): the “Fashion Show Mall”. A veritable Eden for shopping enthusiasts, it brings together luxury boutiques and shops of all kinds. Nothing typical to bring back from Las Vegas. Unfortunately, except for the famous token cups with the colors of the big casinos! For fans of “hype” shopping, the Forum Shop brings together nearly 160 luxury stores under an artificial sky.

Play gambling and casinos with the family

Las Vegas Strip - Classic Nighttime Las Vegas -10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

It is they, precisely, who make all the attractiveness of a stay in Las Vegas. Clustered along the Strip, the casinos drain – and empty the pockets – of millions of travelers each year. Gambling is restricted to adults, ie 21 years old, according to Nevada law. But casinos also offer entertainment for the whole family. The best example is Circus Circus, with its private amusement park and daily circus performances.

Explore the city and its surroundings

near Las Vegas |10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

In the city itself, there are not only casinos and performance halls:

  • At the Shark Reef (at the Mandalay Bay hotel), you will observe real sharks evolving in the company of jellyfish, rays, scorpion fish, and other tropical species.
  • From the top of its 356 meters, the rotating restaurant of the Stratosphere Tower offers you a spectacular panorama of the city and its surroundings.
  • Want nature and authenticity? Why not improvise a small campsite at Charleston Peak or a diving trip at Lake Mead (50km east of Las Vegas) before diving back into the world of slot machines?

Learn at the Mob Museum

Mob Museum, Las Vegas | 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

If there is a city that was to host a Mafia Museum within its walls, it is Las Vegas. The city would not be what it is today if members of organized crime had not participated in its construction. The Mob Museum traces the entire history of a city, built on tumultuous relations between gangsters and law enforcement. You can see a model of Al Capone’s favorite machine gun: the famous Thompson. You can also, if you feel like it, sit in an electric chair! Ideal for an unusual outing in Las Vegas. The Mob Museum is definitely one of the many things you to do in Las Vegas right now.

Hike Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon National Recreation  Area | 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

For those who no longer know what or things to do in Las Vegas right now itself. We advise them to escape for a while in the surrounding desert and find a bit of nature, certainly dry and inhospitable, but still magnificent. The road that crisscrosses this park, nearly 13 miles long. Allows you to take the measure of the statuesque grandeur of the place. Imposing blocks of red or white sandstone watch you from the height of their presence and you feel small when you walk through them, alone against the power of the harsh and wild nature of the American West.

Admire the Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam at Night - 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

In a hostile and overheated desert, thousands of workers sweat blood and water to erect what was at the time the largest concrete structure in the world. 112 lost their lives there. Nonetheless, construction of the dam completed in 1936, two years ahead of schedule, and the region around the rushing Colorado River was finally able to access local electrical power. A symbol of man’s hard-fought mastery of nature, the Hoover dam is essential when visiting Las Vegas, the symbol of a city that was built by the force of the wrist in an environment hostile and sorry.

Travel around the world in Las Vegas

Las Vegas High Rise Condos - 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

Going out at night in Las Vegas allows you to admire the extravagant constructions imagined by the owners of the hotel complexes, is surely one of the best thing to do in Las Vegas right now. Never has a trip between Paris, Venice, New York, and Egypt been so fast! With its hundreds of illuminations, the Strip and its extension in “Downtown” take on an unreal aspect. Miniature versions of Paris, Venice, or Luxor, from Star Strek’s vessel to MGM film studios, the Strip offers a wealth of visual eccentricities.

Also worth seeing are the thousands of jets from the Bellagio fountains dancing to the rhythm of the spotlights and reaching dizzying heights. Refreshing in the middle of the desert! The same cannot be said for the artificial volcano at the Venetian Hotel! If the sets sound false, the fun is very real. The “Fremont Street Experience” is also worth a detour. The interior of this gallery (which houses bars and restaurants) is covered with a huge screen 460 meters long!

Going out in Vegas: where to go?

10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

Finding a place to dine could paradoxically prove to be a challenge, as the choice is vast. Each hotel generally has several restaurants, some very luxurious, others less expensive (snack). Finally, to end the evenings, it is possible to go to one of the many nightclubs in Las Vegas or to book a ticket for a show or a concert. In short, you won’t be bored as there are so many things to do in Las Vegas!

Say “Yes” to Vegas

Riviera Hotel & Casino Lobby | 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

Before leaving Vegas, many couples take the opportunity to get married! A sort of wedding capital of the world, the laws of Nevada allow foreigners, like Americans, to get married very simply. All you have to do is pay a tax to the Las Vegas City Hall and find the right agency that will organize the wedding of your dreams. This is one unforgettable thing to do in Las Vegas!

Useful information

10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

Want to go to Las Vegas? To make sure your stay is a success, we provide you with our practical information:

  • Climate: Las Vegas can be visited all year round due to its hot and dry climate. But be careful, temperatures can go up to 50 degrees in summer!
  • Currency: The American currency is the US dollar.
  • Time difference: The time difference between Greenwich Meant Time and Las Vegas is 9 hours in winter and 8 hours in summer. Thus, when it is noon in London, it is 3 or 4 am in Las Vegas.
  • Getting to Las Vegas: Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is located south of the city.
  • Learn more:– The Las Vegas tourism website

The essentials of Las Vegas… and after?

Nevada 2022 | 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas right now

If there are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas and its region, it would be a shame to limit yourself to a country that has a multitude of different landscapes. Once you’ve toured the casinos, visited the places of interest, and lost most of your poker money, in short, when you have nothing more to do in Las Vegas… rent a motorhome and go on the mythical route 66! Crossing the country from East to West, it will take you from the urban splendors of the East Coast, such as New York and its abundant culture, or Orléans and its so Frenchy dynamism, to the megalopolises of the West. Besides, Los Angeles is surely the raciest of the representatives. In the United States, it’s always on the road again!

10 Best Things To Do In Las Vegas Right Now – The Gambling Capital Of The World

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